Making history is one thing. Looking into the future is the other.

Dr.-Ing. Hans Jörg Mayer-Vorfelder

Helmut Dinkelacker

Making history is one thing. Promoting the future is the other.

Promoting innovative ideas to lead the field for planning large-scale construction projects – this is the aspiration MVD has been living and breathing for more than 40 years.

The foundation was laid by Dr Hans Jörg Mayer-Vorfelder and Helmut Dinkelacker. They founded the company MVD in 1980 and quickly drew attention to it by developing the structural engineering plans for spectacular architecture such as the Landeskreditbank in Stuttgart and the University of Ulm campus at the Oberer Eselsberg. It only took until the mid-1990s for the MVD team to grow to more than 30 members. The office in Dresden opened in 1996, with a branch in Munich following in 2015 and in Friedrichshafen in 2019.

From the very beginning, the two founders have given their staff considerable room for growth, raising the executives of tomorrow. After the turn of the millennium, the long-time employees Rüdiger Pflughaupt and Klaus Schäfer joined the Mayer-Vorfelder und Dinkelacker Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH und Co KG as Manging Shareholders. As a recognised test engineer for construction engineering, Klaus Schäfer has, step by step, succeeded Dr Hans Jörg Mayer-Vorfelder in his roles, the latter having ended his active involvement in the company and in its management at the end of 2008.

Jochen Salmen, another long-term employee, was appointed as a member of management in 2010, with participation as a shareholder following a year later. In early 2013, Dr Jan Schütt joined the management team. He is now heading the branch office in Munich and has been working as an additional test engineer for construction engineering alongside Klaus Schäfer since 2016. Helmut Dinkelacker, the second founder of the company, remained the creative head and a passionate engineer of the company until the end of 2013.

When celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020, MVD employed 58 people.
Outside-the-box, complex technical solutions for landmark construction projects, functional and based on reliable planning, have always been and still are what the company stands for. The expertise ranges from pre-tensioned construction and award-winning timber projects to large-span, light-weight construction using steel, glass and plastics

The office is also harnessing the latest developments: Building Information Modeling (BIM), innovative construction materials and techniques as well as the considerate use of resources are integral parts of today's project planning. The expansion of the management team is part of the company’s preparations for the future: The long-term employees Markus Gartz, Dr Lars Rölle and Lars Voigtländer have been part of the senior management of MVD since early 2021.