Dr.-Ing. Jan Schütt

After completing his construction engineering studies at the University of Karlsruhe, Dr. Jan Schütt initially worked for a north German engineering office. His career path then led him to the Institute for Structural Analysis of the University of Karlsruhe as a research assistant, where he also completed a doctorate in the numerical simulation of the multi-dimensional failure behaviour of concrete, steel concrete and compound structures.

Dr. Jan Schütt has been part of the team at MVD since 2005. He very quickly took over as responsible project manager for technically and architecturally demanding large-scale projects.

Many of these projects from the areas of pre-tensioned steel concrete structures and construction in earthquake zones have been presented and published by him at national and international conferences.

He has been a managing director since the beginning of 2013 and also a shareholder of the engineering company Mayer-Vorfelder und Dinkelacker since the beginning of 2014.

Dr. Schütt obtained his license as a test engineer for structural engineering in 2016.

Phone: +497031 6998-0 / +4989 51266 79-0