Dr.-Ing. Lars Rölle

After completing his studies in civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Lars Rölle initially worked in the technical office of a construction company in Munich. At the beginning of 2006, he moved to the Institute for Construction and Design at the University of Stuttgart as a research assistant, where he completed his doctorate in the field of ductile connections for beam-column connections in steel and steel composite construction.

Dr. Lars Rolle has held a management position at MVD since the beginning of 2012. Many construction projects in university and school buildings, hospital and laboratory construction as well as in administrative and office construction have been successfully planned and completed under his leadership as project manager.

Through his experience as a research assistant in the field of steel and steel composite construction at the University of Stuttgart, he incorporates pioneering materials and innovative construction methods into his projects.

Dr. Lars Rölle regularly publishes and lectures at the University of Stuttgart and actively supports project committees as part of research projects.

He has been a managing director and shareholder at MVD since January 2021.

Phone: +497031 6998-0